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Google Cardboard for iPhone 6+

I recently bought the “I Am Cardboard” VR (Virtual Reality) headset of their website, There is a large variety of companies offering these but what stood out with this particular brand was the “Giant Version”, which is designed for the larger variety of mobile phones often referred to as phablets, such as the Galaxy Note 4, Nexus 6 and the iPhone 6+.

I am currently using it with the iPhone 6+ and the VR experience is nothing short of incredible. My favorite, let’s call it an experience, is an animated movie called “Evolution of Verse” which can be found on the app “VRSE” on the App Store. What I find sets the mobile VR headsets apart from other systems such as Oculus Rift, is that it is not tethered to a computer and with that allows for more portability.

To sum up the experience, I brought the set to a bar last night, yup I was that guy rocking up at a place of social interaction with a VR headset, and had everyone have a go at virtual reality with the movie mentioned above. Upon taking off the headset everyone would look at me wide eyed with a grin on their face exclaiming how this is the future and how it may or may not have changed their lives forever. To quote one guy: “I came to this bar tonight not expecting much and now this, possibly a turning point in my life.”

This is without a doubt the future of virtual tours. The next step is to design my commercial virtual tours to work with Google Cardboard to give my clients an experience they will never forget.