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Innovative Media for
Creative Advertising



Threesixty provides superior commercial photography for all of your online and advertising needs. Specializing in architectural, product, estate and yacht photography, this is a great way to compliment your virtual tour or video.



If you’re reading this you are one of the few, as 70% of online customers would rather watch a video presentation showcasing your product than read pages of text. Threesixty can present your product as a succinct, fast paced, attention grabbing video.

Google Business View


Threesixty is one of Boulder’s only Google Trusted Photographers. Allow potential clients to step inside your business for a virtual walk through hosted online, for free, by the world’s largest search engine. Showcase your inventory with this modern, immersive, media experience on Google Maps.

Custom Virtual Tours


Showcase your product with an interactive and modern web experience through our customized interactive virtual tours. Potential clients can take exploration into their own hands by virtually visiting your estate, business or yacht through our high resolution photography combined with an intuitive, easy to use interface.

Who is

Threesixty Virtual Tours?


Georg Beyer is the media wiz behind Threesixty. His expertise is in video production, on location shoots in sometimes precarious environments, and in-house post processing of every project.
He works closely with each client, including carefully staging each scene, to provide the utmost quality and customer service, and to ensure each completed project is one he is proud to put his name on.
Georg is based out of beautiful Boulder, Colorado, and is available for commercial photography, videography and virtual tours throughout North America, the Caribbean and Europe.


What have I been up to?

  • Google Cardboard for iPhone 6+

    I recently bought the “I Am Cardboard” VR (Virtual Reality) headset of their website, There is a large variety of companies offering these but what stood out with this particular brand was the “Giant Version”, which is designed for the larger variety of mobile phones......

  • Whole Foods Bradburn Pre-Opening Video

    I just finished the edit of the new pre-opening video for Whole Foods Bradburn after a fun week of shooting. One shoot stood out in particular, the goat farm just outside Denver!...

  • Trip to Telluride

    We took the opportunity to get out of the house and make our way across the Rocky Mountains towards Telluride. I snapped this pic on one of the many rocky rivers flowing throughout Colorado. My wife was so kind to model for the shot with......

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